Spin Finish Pumps

MPS Precision Engineering Pvt. Ltd., formerly Microprecision Solutions Pvt. Ltd., is a precision gear pump manufacturing company, catering to niche industrial segments and integrated solutions for various Industrial Applications such as Textiles, Polyurethane, Adhesives, Chemicals, Paints, Aerospace/Defence Applications and Renewable Energy Sectors.,

  • High Accuracy
  • High Wear Resistance and Corrosion Resistance
  • Exporting to more than over 10 different countries and expanding
  • Precision Construction and Compact Design
  • 100% Interchangeable parts


Rectangular/ Circular

  • Two Gear and Multiple Gear Designs.
  • Single Inlet and Single/Multiple Outlets.
  • Capacity – 0.05cc to 1.0cc/rev/stream

Areas: Dyeing, Coating, Additives, Finishing, Lubrication etc.

Applications: Viscose, Nylon, Polyester, Spandex, Polypropylene, Aramid, Polyamide, Adhesive, Paints, Polyurethane etc.,

 Properties Description
 Mounting Block/ Foot, Application dependent
 Viscosity Upto 1000 poise
 Temperature Upto 120ᵒ Centigrade
 Pressure Upto 10 Bar (differential)
 Material Stainless Steel, High Chromium Steel, Application dependent
 Speed Upto 100 RPM, Application dependent



  • Supply of all types of spares like plates, Gears, Shafts etc., of reputed brand of Pumps.
  • Refurbishing services to achieve near new pump performance at competitive prices by replacement of critical spares such as centre plate gears.
  • Capacity Conversion of pumps (Increase/ Decrease in pump capacity) by replacing critical parts and thereby achieving performances near equivalent to new pumps.


  • Long Life
  • Low Denier Variation
  • Low Maintenance & Downtime
  • Higher Production