MPS Precision Engineering (formerly Microprecision Solutions Pvt.Ltd). is a precision engineering company involved in the manufacture of high precision gear metering pumps, transmission components, assemblies and other high end engineering products.

It is a joint venture between Micro Corporation Ltd, UK, and Uniflo Engineering, India, a precision engineering company in India with over three decades of experience in the area of precision metering pumps.

We have a full fledged and sophisticated facility in Bangalore for the manufacture, design and testing a range of precision pumps and aerospace products.

With a combination of specialty manufacturing know how and experience, we have the right expertise to deliver and support precision engineering products.

Assemblies for defense applications
 Precision Pumps for Textile & Metering Applications


Precision Gear pumps for hydraulic applications
Precision gear pumps for machine tools applications
Precision gear pumps for renewal energy applications

Precision Gear Pumps

Spares & Service

Industrial Gear Pumps

Precision Gears



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Precision gear pumps

  • Precision Gear Pumps for Textile applications - fibre & yarn - Spinning Pumps for Viscose, Acetate, Acrylic Polyester, Polypropylene, Nylon etc.,
  • Precision gear pumps for industrial metering applications - Paints, Chemicals, Adhesives, Polyurethane, resins etc.
  • Precision gear pumps for Hydraulic and Lubrication applications - Renewable Energy, Defense, Aerospace, Automotive, Machine Tools etc.
  • Precision Gears for all industrial applications
  • Spares for all types of gear pumps

  • Reconditioning & Servicing of all type of Gears Pumps
  • Consultancy for maintenance of Gear Pumps
  • New product development