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Filament Yarn Spinning Metering Pumps

Pumps are designed and manufactured for High Accuracy and Long Life, resulting in very low Denier Variations.


  • Design – Proven Design for specific applications with Interchangeability of Parts.
  • Manufacturing – Precision processes with consistent High accuracies as per AS 9100 Rev D standards. All pumps are tested and certified.
  • Material Selection – High wear and Corrosion resistance materials suited to application.
  • Heat Treatment – Specialized Heat Treatment Processes with specialty coatings and Sub-Zero Treatments for improved Pump Life and Wear Resistance.



Viscose Carbon Fibre Tyre Cord
Acetate Aramid Polyurethane
Acrylic Lyocell
Technical Specifications

Properties Description
Design Varieties Single Inlet & Single Outlet / Multiple Inlet & Multiple Outlets
Capacity Range 0.3 to 8cc/rev/stream (Application Dependant)
Mounting Pivot / Foot / Block
Viscosity Upto 5,000 cP
Temperature Up to 120ᵒ C
Pressure Up to 20 Bar (differential)
Material Corrosion and Wear Resistance – Alloy Steel, Stellite, Tool Steel, depending on application
Speed Upto 60 RPM, Application dependent
Treatments & Coatings Vacuum Hardening / Nitriding / Special Suface Treatments / Coatings