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Gear Pump and Motor Assembly

Our Gear Pump and Motor Assemblies are designed and manufactured for High Accuracy and Long Life, resulting in very low Discharge Variations for Longer Periods of time.We offer Assemblies to wide variety of Industrial Applications, for Precision Dosing / Metering.We also offer our products for Fluid Transfer, Feed, Circulation, Lubrication and Pressurisation Applications.

Our USP’s:

  • Design – We are able to provide right design for appropriate application with Proven and Validated Pumps.
  • Manufacturing – We are able to achieve close tolerances and Geometries repeatedly as required by designs to achieve Accuracies and Long Life.
  • All parts are manufactured as per AS9100 standards. All pumps are tested and certified.
  • Material Selection – We choose the material based on the application for Increased Wear and Corrosion Resistance Properties.
  • Heat Treatment – Specialized Heat Treatment Processes for Long Life/ Wear Resistance.We also provide Specialty Coatings and Sub Zero Treatments for Critical Applications.


Industries we Cater:

Adhesive Dispensing Paint Food and Beverages
Chemical Hydraulic Renewable Energy
Pharmaceutical Lubrication Textile
Aerospace & Defense

Technical Specifications:

Properties Description
Design Varieties Single Inlet & Single Outlet / Multiple Inlet & Multiple Outlets; Heating Jacket
Capacity Range 0.3 to 150cc/rev/stream (Application Dependent)
Pump Mounting Flange, Foot, Block Mounting
Motors IEC / NEMA Motors; IEC / NEMA Geared Motors
Coupling Love-Joy; Universal; Flange
Viscosity Application Dependent
Temperature Up to 350ᵒ C and Depending on Application
Pressure Up to 50 Bar (differential)
Material High Grade Alloy Steel, Stellite, Tool Steel, depending on application
Speed Upto 3600 RPM, Application dependent
Treatments & Coatings Vacuum Hardening / Nitriding / Special Suface Treatments / Coatings