Gear Pumps – Industrial

Gear pumps are widely use in a number of applications. We custom made precision gear pumps to individual requirements and also as Original equipment (OE). Capacity and features depending on application.

We also manufacture smaller batch quantities of 20 Numbers or more

  • Internal and External Type gear pumps
  • Single Inlet and Outlets
  • Two / Three gear, External gear systems

Applications: Metering, Hydraulic and Lubrication applications
Area: Paints, Chemicals, Inks, Adhesives, Polyurethane, Coatings, Resins, Carbon Fibre, Food and Beverage etc
Industry: Renewable Energy, Automotive, Machine Tools, Defence, Pharmaceutical

Technical Specifications:

Properties Values
Capacity 1.0 cc/rev to 400 cc/rev
Mounting Block / Saddle / Foot
Outlet / Inlet ports Single / Multiple
Viscosity 4000 poise
Temperature -30o C to +300o C
Pressure upto 100 Kgf (differential)
Material Cast Iron, Alloy steel, Aluminium, Cast steel etc Depending on application
Speed upto 2000 RPM



We provide spares for all types of gear pumps for Viscose, hot melt, spin finish applications of any reputed brand.

  • Center plates and gear sets
  • Precision gears
  • Other parts like plates, hub, shafts, cast iron bodies etc


We provide both on-site & off-site services for the reconditioning/servicing/maintenance of any reputed brand of pump. In addition we undertake:

  • Reconditioning, Repair and overhauling of Viscose pumps, melt pumps, booster pumps.
  • Capacity Conversion of Spinning pumps
  • Breakdown Service for emergency repairs
  • Maintenance contracts (including on-site) for all types of metering pumps
  • Note : All the reconditioned pumps will be tested & relevant test certificates can be provided on request

Consultancy Services and training – pump selection and maintenance

  • We offer specialised services & training for pump selection & maintenance

Prototype Development

  • We undertake prototype development & manufacturing of small batch quantities of various types of precision gear pumps & assemblies