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Precision Gears

Precision Gears

MPS has been the leaders in providing our customers with the best possible Support and Services. We keep track of the Pump Designs supplied to all our customers, and will be able to supply spares in short time.We also supply Spares for certain OEM Pumps.

We also offer:

  • Refurbishing of Pumps
  • Capacity Conversion
  • Spares for Pumps
  • Precision Gears
  • Consulting Services

Refurbishing of Pumps:

  • We undertake refurbishing of Old Pumps previously supplied by us or from different Manufacturers.
  • We replace the Gear Plates and Gears with Newly manufactured parts.
  • Other associated parts are reworked to their desired tolerances.
  • Seals and Bolts are replaced with New Ones.
  • Pumps are Tested for Discharge at various conditions and are approved.

Capacity Conversion:

  • Capacity of the pumps can be increased or decreased based on the requirements from Customers.
  • We replace the Core parts like Center Plate and Gears to their desired Discharges.
  • Other associated parts will also be replaced to match the new Design, like the Shafts and Driven Shafts.
  • Seals and Bolts are replaced with New Ones.
  • Pumps are Tested for Discharge at various conditions and are approved.

Spares for Pumps:
We supply spares to customers of different designs.
Most of the critical spares are kept in stock, in case of urgent requirements from customers.

Precision Gears:

  • Strong capabilities in manufacturing Precision Gears, with strong Design and Quality Team backed by State of the Art Manufacturing Facilities.
  • Being an AS9100 Certified company we follow the Aerospace Standards for our Quality Management System.

Consultancy Services:

  • We provide consultancy services to our customers on request.
  • We recommend the Pump design, Capacities and application which demands it.
  • We offer customized metering solutions to our customers.

Application Areas:

Viscose Carbon Fibre Tyre Cord
Acetate Aramid Polyurethane
Acrylic Lyocell


Technical Specifications:

Properties Description
Design Varieties Single Inlet & Single Outlet / Multiple Inlet & Multiple Outlets
Capacity Range 0.3 to 8cc/rev/stream (Application Dependant)
Mounting Pivot / Foot / Block
Viscosity Upto 1,00,000 cP
Temperature Up to 120ᵒ C
Pressure Up to 20 Bar (differential)
Material Corrosion and Wear Resistance – Alloy Steel, Stellite, Tool Steel, depending on application
Speed Upto 60 RPM, Application dependent
Treatments & Coatings Vacuum Hardening / Nitriding / Special Suface Treatments / Coatings